How is a Writer Like a Squirrel?

Nuts!IMG_20170728_112752 (1)

Besides being creative and tenacious (Have you watched a squirrel trying to get around the barricades to your bird feeder?), squirrels like to stash things away to come back for another day.

Writers are like that, too. We’ve got piles of ideas on small scraps of paper that we’ve scribbled story ideas on and tucked into our pockets at work, at the store, driving down the highway at 70 miles an hour. We all know the story of J.K.Rowling writing Harry Potter on napkins while waitressing.

I read once that squirrels often forget where they stashed the nuts they buried in autumn to go back to later. Also true of writers. Or at least it’s true of me!

I’ve been organizing my writing room this week. Boxes of stuff I’ve lugged around through too many moves to count. Now, the time has finally come.

Some of the bits are as inspiring to me now as they were when I first wrote them. Others make me wonder what I was thinking!

Here’s a sample:

She was mean

She was green

She was not so clean


Story ends w/the robin going down the drain—before the gun is fired


What say we learn something new today, Maude? she’d say


Check comes after mother dies


The boy looked at Milo.

Milo looked at the boy.

Milo needed a family. But he’d known people before. He started to shake.

Now that I’ve dug them up, I think I’ll put them all in a basket on my desk and use them as morning writing prompts. Better than stuffing them back in a drawer! And who knows? Maybe after all those years buried, these nuts will grow into something really interesting.

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