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Three Kinds of Touches

Illustrated by Alice Pixley Young, this picture book for children at risk of abuse was published by the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape. It is available in English, Spanish and Braille editions, as well as on video.

Mary Tudor

A biography about the life and times of England's first female ruling monarch, who had hundreds of her subjects burned at the stake in her effort to turn her country away from Protestantism and back to the Catholic Church. Part of the Scholastic Wicked History series.

Seed Magic

Rose is introduced to the beauty of birds by wheelchair-bound Bird Man in this picture book, which celebrates the moment of discovery. From Peachtree Publishers with illustrations by Charlotte Riley-Webb.

“ Strong acrylic colors and loose, broad brushstrokes reverberate with the rhythm and hope heard in the text. Together with brevity of words and motion and vibrancy of rhythm and color, the text and paintings create an unexpected joie de vivre. This is a must-buy for all libraries.”
—School Library Journal

Grandfather's Trumpet

In this picture book about self-acceptance, a girl whose grandfather has had a stroke decides to surprise him while he's in the hospital learning to smile again by learning to play his trumpet.

Gratefully Yours

When her family dies in a New York tenement fire in 1923, Hattie is sent on the Orphan Train to Nebraska to live with Henry and Elizabeth Jansen. Yes, Henry needs her help with the farm chores and with Elizabeth, who is still grieving for the death of their children. But Hattie knows she is unwanted. Can the Jansens ever love another child?

“An excellent historical novel with characters we come to care for deeply.”
—Jim Trelease, The Read Aloud Handbook, 5th edition, 2001

Goodbye, Charley

It's the summer of 1943 and for 12-year-old Celie Marsh the war seems awfully close to her coastal Massachusetts home. When her father brings a monkey home from work one day, Celie finds the friend she has been missing. But a near disaster finally forces her to make a heart-wrenching decision that teaches her painful lessons about friendship, family, and the meaning of love.

“An engaging, insightful novel that weaves timeless themes into a historical setting.”

Hank's Story

In the sequel to Gratefully Yours, set in Nebraska in the fall of 1923, 12-year old Hank Donohue doesn't mind leaving the New York orphanage, as long as his brother Peter goes with him. Together the boys ride the Orphan Train to Nebraska, where they are taken in by the Olsons—a bitter, childless couple anxious for help on their farm.

“Heart-wrenching, gripping ... Written simply but with great eloquence.”
—Kirkus Reviews

The Berry-Picking Man

Meggie hates Old Sam, the berry-picking man. He smells bad, he talks to himself, and, worst of all, he likes Meggie. Why does Mama feel responsible for him? At nine, Meggie is the "baby" of the family. She figures this is the reason she has to accompany her mother whenever Old Sam calls Mama for a ride.

“Rich and true.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Simple, eloquent”
—Booklist starred review